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Project Management.

As your Project Manager / Client’s representative we organise your project from A to Z. We “stay on the ball” and take care of the process through all phases of your construction project: we develop optimum design, procurement and construction solutions and ensure they are put into practice. Inspiring RealEstate gives you certainty in the handling of all relevant components and ensures that your project is delivered within budget and to programme. (more…)

We customise our scope of services to suit your requirements. The fees are calculated as a percentage of the cost for construction.

... in Detail

Appraise on planning and building permissions | recommendation of architects and consultants | predefinition of planning requirements and allocation of design responsibilities | engineering of energy concepts (renewable energies) | master planning and project organisation | obtain permissions | define client’s brief and translate into technical language | prepare tender documents | manage design process obtain and evaluate quotes | recommendation of appropriate trades and builders | negotiation of building contracts | preparation and assignment of building contracts | definition of project budgets | budget control | appraise and monitor invoicing | on-site meetings | site coordination | develop and monitor construction programmes | reporting |  | quality control | project monitoring | support client in key-decisions | dispute resolution management | arbitration | change management | programme management | Documentation | prepare and assist in handover | defects liability tracing